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Happy New Year!


2021 Here I Am, Will YOU Join Me?

A message and personal invitation from the founder of ArtsDrive.Com and Working Legacy, a Public Benefit Corporation.


Well, 2020 was quite the YEAR! Like most everyone else I know, almost none of it turned out the way I had planned or hoped it would, yet I feel very grateful and blessed in so many ways for most of the challenges that came with it. 


Despite the best of intentions, how quickly 2020 showed me how little to no control I had over the outcome! As a direct result of the pandemic and economic crises which immediately followed, I had to make a major shift and pivot both my mind and my business to survive.


From the blur that was 2020, what I remember is that immediately following the shock of virtually all lost income from our event based services and touring couch, once my mindset shifted into a creative pivot mode, it didn't take long to find an abundance of blessings. Blessings that simply would not have existed without the challenges and chaos that was brought on by the heartache and devastation that the pandemic and closed doors created in its wake. Of course the financial concerns fell well below my #1 concern for the health and safety of my loved ones.

Now, as I look at the promise of new beginnings in 2021, I am much less inclined to set any large specific goals with deadlines, but rather far more inspired to just follow the long standing words my Mother use to share with us; "We do what we can, when we can!"


  • These simple yet profound words carry with them both a responsibility and a lofty inspirational message.  When you translate it and take ownership of it, it becomes somewhat of a personal challenge to do what is right.


  • Translation; "I will do what I can, when I can." When it becomes a personal statement, it is empowering to know you can make a positive difference in this world. For me, this message still inspires me to want to give back when I can and carries me through the many ups and downs of life.


My goal for this year is to simply focus on building positive and impactful relationships with the people and communities I am privileged enough to connect with. 


  • If I just do this and trust in the outcome, I do believe I will eventually find the right people to move Working Legacy, PBC (WLPBC) forward while creating a solid lasting foundation to benefit future generations of artists and entrepreneurs.


Through this process my goal is to establish WLPBC as an arts, business, community incubator that I believe will one day become a strong contender in the marketplace offering both creative and financial resources to assist the arts and entrepreneurial communities.


WLPBC was created as a direct result of my own passion for the arts and entrepreneurship combined with the frequent and sometimes daily struggles just to survive, let alone grow.

The challenges I frequently faced helped me to better understand my own level of determination and creativity in developing solutions that give me another chance at beating the odds.


  • With that said, quitting has never been an option and never will be!

  • Once I realized I could never quit and accepted the responsibility to become a Steward of the blessings I have been given, including my dreams, creative work and acquired assets, my life's purpose and life itself made a whole lot more sense to me. 


This understanding actually came to me several years ago with the passing of my parents. Today I consider myself very fortunate in the lessons that they shared with me while growing up as a young aspiring entrepreneur who choose a path early on to focus on business and opportunities.


Having been raised to both give to and respect those in need, I do feel as if I have a well balanced perspective of the importance of being socially responsible and making money.  As an entrepreneur, I also know first hand the critical importance of creating a profitable business in a free enterprise  market and the benefits wealth can bring to those who have it - provided of course it is managed responsibly. 


Someday, God willing, I will share more of this backstory with you, but for now, I want to say thank you to all of the amazing people in my life who have given me the opportunity to  work with them and develop many of the lasting friendships that I have.

  • Well if you're actually still reading this, please allow me to  state the obvious before I share an opportunity with you to join me on this crazy journey with no end.


I've heard it said before that a creative mind is both a blessing and a curse, and am here to tell you at least for me, it's absolutely true. In my mind I am constantly inspired by new challenges I see in the environment that I am surrounded by.  Usually this translates into an opportunity.  Since almost every opportunity takes money and time, I have had to learn to build lots of filters to block out the information that just gets in the way of maintaining a strong focus to my own vision.


Nonetheless, even though my filter has been refined to focus only on the projects that I see fit into WLPBC, because my vision, knowledge, strategies and assets have evolved over my lifetime, WLPBC had to became pretty all encompassing by default to keep me sane.


  • Somehow, and oh so suddenly, this year I'll be 60 years old!  .. So It's TIME.... !!!!


  • It's NOW TIME to share, recruit, partner and entrust this dream and business model with others who share a deep passion for the arts and entrepreneurship. 


  • This means throughout the year I will be working to identify key leaders that recognize 2021 as the perfect storm and see WLPBC as a great opportunity to fill several major voids in our new online creative economy.  


  • Who am I seeking? Partners of all ages, creative talent, cultural backgrounds and most importantly those with a deep passion for working with people and communities to build something with unlimited potential to expand the business of the arts and entrepreneurship.


  • If this sounds like you or someone you know, please accept and share this New Years' Message as a personal invitation to join me this year with the goal to bring WLPBC and ArtsDrive  into your community. Together, I have confidence we will make a real difference.

In the coming weeks I will be rolling out more detailed information about the opportunities we have and hope that you will give some consideration to how you might help move this grand vision forward in the year 2021.

With Love and Gratitude for your friendship and support.

David Frank

Founder: Working Legacy, PBC / ArtsDrive

Director of Partnership Relations

When sitting down to write this New Year's message I had no idea what to say or how to say it. To me, it is now clear that I tapped into some of my upbringing along with the love and wisdom my parents, Lodi and Don shared with our family growing up. Most importantly, my entire business model, determination and desire to support the connection between the arts, small business and the economy comes from my upbringing.  

Written from the heart on New Years Eve 2020.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

Below are a few of the primary business and funding modules planned for partnership development and roll out later this year. Please get in touch if you'd like to help bring them to life!


Please See Disclosure Below

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Disclosure: Working Legacy, a Public Benefit Corporation (WLPBC)  was established to create business opportunities and socially responsible projects to help solve some of the many perpetual problems that continue to plague the Arts and Small Business Communities throughout the US.


Any Donation you make is more than appreciated and will be utilized immediately to help our team push forward with the development of our business modules. WLPBC is currently self funded and is not backed by VC Funds or private investors. We have survived over the years through our projects, relentless determination, perseverance and generous support from friends and family. THANK YOU to all who have helped bring us this far.

Now, the real work begins. 2021 is here and it is time to partner up and make some monumental changes that will help establish a solid foundation for the long-term future of WLPBC.

Please Note, because Working Legacy is a Public Benefit Corporation,  NOT a non-profit corporation, we cannot offer you a tax deduction for you donations; however, we will be eternally grateful and even happy to talk about extending some of our unique partnership benefits to match your donation level.

Thank you for your consideration and support.



David Frank

Founder / Creator of ArtsDrive and Working Legacy, PBC.

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