Premium Domain Names Available for Lease

of Partnership Development Opportunities.


What’s in a name?

Domain names (web addresses) are one of the most important assets you can invest in when it comes to building your own community or business. While the most widely recognized web address are still usually linked to a “.com” name, the “.org” extension is more traditionally connected to an organization, community or cause of some sort. While it can still be used for commercial purposes, the “.org” extension has the added branding value of community goodwill and is one of the original generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) established in 1985. This can help in your own branding efforts and desire to create a project that will be more connected to the communities you support.

Working legacy, a PBC has invested in small portfolio of premium domain names that serve a diverse range of niche markets to help our organization expand support for our mission on a national level.


When you lease one or more of our premium domain names, you will directly help to support the mission and long-term vision behind ArtsDrive and Working Legacy, a Public Benefit Corporation.



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