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What's In A Name

What’s in a name?

A domain name (web property) is like online real estate and is one of the most important assets you can invest in when it comes to building your own community or business.


While the most widely recognized web addresses are still typically linked to a “dot com” site, names linked to the “dot org” extensions  are equally respected and traditionally connected to an organization, community or cause of some sort. While these names can still be used for commercial purposes, the “dot org” extension has the added branding value of community goodwill and is one of the original generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) established in 1985. This can help in your own branding efforts and desire to create a project that will be more directly connected to the communities you support.


Build A Solid Foundation For Your Online Business!

  • When used properly, Domain Names (DN) are not just your address on the internet, they bring order to your online business and marketing efforts in the midst of social media chaos.


  • Social media platforms should not be your main internet address. While social media is  important, it should enhance your online presence, not be your online presence.


  • Your DN / Website should host your critical content to give your business the  freedom, security and control you need to protect and grow your online business the way you want to.


  • Additionally, your DN can help you enter niche markets and create unique branding opportunities all while helping you protect and grow your online assets.​

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