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we do

We buld partnerships dedicated to creating opportunities that will help support local artists and fellow entrepreneurs while serving the communities where we live, work, learn and play.

We work to inspire multiple generations to collaborate, create, grow, and share their knowledge with each other.

Care to Join a Biz Dev Team?

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we are

ArtsDrive.Com started out in 2003 under the identity of ArtGives.Org. Spearheaded by David Frank as a volunteer organization and a labor of love, our focus was to create new ways to offer support to the arts and arts education community using both photos and videos to showcase the importance and impact of their creative work. 

Today,  the ArtsDrive Partnership Platform represents several new and exciting opportunities that directly support local arts, business, and community development.

Our long-term ultimate goal is to inspire economic development directly through the collaborative efforts of these partnerships and to create a lasting positive legacy for generations to come.


We strive to be good stewards of the assets and resources we are blessed with so that in time we may pass them on for the next generation to do the same.


We hope you will contact us to learn how we can partner up to connect and grow your local arts, business, and community. 

David Frank

Business Development

Founder: ArtsDrive, LLC

YOur Story

YOU are very unique and have been blessed with certain gifts and a journey that is all part of your story. One day your story will become part of your family and community legacy. 

How would you like that to look?

What is your passion? Contact us to see if there is a partnership opportunity that will feed your passion. We'd love to help you create your own legacy story.

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