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A Creative Funding Oasis
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Revenue from the sale or lease of this premium name will help to provide financial support for the ArtsDrive project.

WLPBC is now seeking to sell or lease the domain name to an established financial, IT, or marketing firm. 

We would prefer to identify a partner committed to offering a range of financial services and resources to help support the community of artists and entrepreneurs that are currently underserved, however; we are also open to reasonable offers or partnership proposals. If your company would like to lease or acquire this premium domain name, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Based on our experience and research, we feel the following services and resources are imporatnt to consider. We hope you would agree.

  • To provide funding solutions for artists and entrepreneurs by matching them with private lenders, investors, or philanthropists independent of the savings and loan industry.

  • To be a resource for proven Cash Flow Opportunities

  • To provide resources, support, and coaching services to assist artists and entrepreneurs through critical financial challenges without incurring a heavy debt load.

  • To be an online resource for proven tools that will reduce the cost and time of managing money and growing a business.

  • To invest in artists and entrepreneurs who have a gifted talent to create and are driven by their passion to share their work and make a positive lasting difference in society.

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A Few Additional Branding Ideas for:

Capital Fund Options - My Creative Family Office
My Crowdfunding Freedom Oasis - My Crypto Funding Options  
Manifiest Your Creative Financial Opportunities
My Creative Financial Oasis
My Chief Financial Officer


Below are several resources that we have found through our own online search . Working Legacy, PBC  is not affiliated with any of these financial institutions.


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