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Your Success is Our Success:

Our teams are committed to providing professional video and photo services both online and off. We pride ourselves in creating turnkey sytems to streamline complex multi-camera productions.


Our goal is to create a more engaging experience that will ultimately result in a more attentive online audience!


  • Collectively our media partners have decades of experience in filming music videos, concerts, live theatre, dance, educational content, business promo videos, interviews, interactive workshops, community festivals, professional sports, and corporate events. 

Today, if you wish to grow your company, event or organization, it is almost imperative that you make the move into professional online video. Typically, we setup 3-4 Cameras to live stream your event; however a total of 8 cameras can be setup for the ultimate experience.  We also offer professional editing to create a more polished production if you wish to post your video online at a later date or as a webcast.


Services We Provide:

  • Support for small, medium and large scale events.

  • Live multicam switching for Up to 8 cameras

  • Video archive of the entire production and all cameras

  • Our Team is Mobile / We Come To Your Venue

  • Post event editing services available, but not required

  • Graphics and branding built for your organization.

  • Live Broadcast to ZOOM & select social media platforms

  • Professional photography and documentation

  • Consulting Services Available

What We Do
Who We Are

Meet Your Local
Video Stream Team Partners


David Frank

Founder & CEO

David is a creative, an entrepreneur and founder of ArtsDrive.  He is passionate about helping teams expand their reach through relationships built to connect; Local Arts, Business, and Community Members.  David lives in the TX Hill Country and travels frequently to support a wide range of partners and projects throughout Texas.


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Joel Calvin

Tech Lead

Joel is an Emmy Award winning creative, a musician, and "the magician" who applies his gifted talents to build really cool stuff that makes us all look great!  


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