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Terms of Use

Students who use this form: "The Student App / Inquiry" on the WorkFromCollege.Org web-page (owned and operated by "Working Legacy, A Public Benefit Corporation")  are genuinely interested in seeking freelance opportunities that will meet their specific needs. 


All Applicants / Students agree that the information they have provided on this form is both true and accurately represents their skills, desires and availability including their status at the college they have listed on this form. 

With the information provided, submitted on this form, Working Legacy shall do its best to seek out businesses that are specifically interested in hiring a student to work on a specific project. Working Legacy does not engage in the interview process or get involved in the payment arrangements for any services rendered - that is the exclusive responsibility of both the Student and the Business if they should choose to enter into a relationship to accomplish a goal.

Working Legacy will provide both Students and Business Owners / Managers with access to the information provided on our forms so that both parties may have the opportunity to seek out and find a match that they feel is compatible.

  • For any additional questions or concerns regarding the use of the data submitted on this form, or general comments and questions about the services offer by WorkFromCollege.Org and Working Legacy, PBC, please email us and we will get back to you asap. Thank you.

Privacy Policy

The data collected from this form: "Student App / Inquiry" for the WorkFromCollege.Org webpage will never be sold or shared with the general public online or off. The information collected will only be shared with Members of ArtsDrive.Com who are specifically seeking to hire a student with a particular project. ArtsDrive.Com is a Membership site and is not in the business of selling data. Our number one goal is simply to create better ways to provide support to the arts and business communities that we serve; and to engage our Members in communicating with and hiring the services of other team Members. Please review the "Terms of Use" above on this same page for details of how we connect Students to our Members and what to expect by completing and submitting this form for consideration and use .

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